Self Service on Dashboard

We get several calls from agents not knowing how to locate their estimated Contract Value, Contract Value Bonuses or how to troubleshoot their folio issues. Basically how to communicate with Farmers and resolve any agency issue. For those of you who have these questions, there is a self-service area on the Dashboard.

  • In the Dashboard (home Page) click on Agency Vision (in the blue box in the upper left-hand corner of Dashboard)

This will take you to the Agency Vision main page.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page under Operations, click on Agency Services (ACE)
  • Under Agency Services under resources click My Agent Self Service (highlighted in blue)

To view your estimated Contract Value; when In ACE- hover mouse over Menu: Select Estimated CV

This is a self-service page for your agency. This page lets you review your agency and also gives you a place to enter a service request for any trouble you are having. This is a way of communicating and resolving any agency issue with Farmers without going through your DM, etc.


UFAA was recently informed that Farmers announced that effective December 31, 2018 there was a revocation of the addendum to the 2012 AAA for Farmers Agents in Fort Bend County and Harris County Texas. In the addendum issued in 2012 (32-9086) it is stated that the Addendum is between the agent and …”The Companies as referred in the Agent Appointment Agreement (“Agreement”).”…”Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Agreement…Agent is expressly authorized to sell new business Homeowners Policies on behalf of any insurer as well as on behalf of the Companies.”

This Addendum was created with the specific purpose of allowing agents the ability to write Homeowners policies outside of Farmers that Farmers was not interested in binding and that they were extremely uncompetitive priced in but did not classify it as an official moratorium, unlike the steps taken by Farmers in 1997 after the Northridge Earthquake (California).

The addendum goes on to state “The Companies may revoke this Addendum by written notice at any time, for any reason, at their sole discretion. Upon revocation, the original terms of the Agreement shall govern and Agent must terminate all rights, title and interest to the Homeowner’s Policies sold pursuant to this Addendum (including, without limitation, commissions on renewal premiums) at each such policy’s next renewal date.”

The “New Harris and Fort Bend Counties Addendum to Agent Appointment Agreement” gives those agents that choose to sign the ability to place business that is eligible and acceptable to the Companies through the Companies through Kraft Lake. In order to place business through Kraft Lake the consumer must have rejected an offer from one of the Companies.

The language of the addendum(s) seems to suggest that any fire policies written through another carrier, other than Farmers by the agent must now, at renewal, either write that business through Kraft Lake or walk away from the business and renewals. This “requirement” that an agent give up all rights to agency ownership on business that Farmers had first right of refusal and submit to Kraft Lake causes several potential Ethical issues. First and foremost, if an agent rewrites an existing fire policy that may have fewer coverages and/or higher premium that harms a policyholder that is a legal, ethical and potential E&O claim. Secondly, normally when the first right of refusal is made the insurance carrier loses all current and future rights to the business. However, if you read the 2012 addendum that Farmers Agents signed, this issue is specifically addressed in the addendum and it is not to the benefit of the Agency Force.

Bottom Line…As a business owner you should always read and understand what you are agreeing to and if you don’t understand what you are signing have a CPA/lawyer review and explain to you. And never allow yourself to be pressured into something that you do not agree with.

Both addendums can be found on the Members Only side of the UFAA website under the contracts section

Help Us Help You

UFAA has been receiving hundreds, if not thousands, of calls and emails asking for help. Help in stopping termination threats for smart office non-compliance, help with pressure to move to larger offices and hire staff, help with conflicting information from their District Office, help with all that is coming down the pipeline from Farmers and FGI.

UFAA is an Association built on the ideas of “Agents Helping Agents”® through education, communication, support and information but we can’t do it without your help! Our attorneys DO NOT work for free. Every time we have them write a communication on the Agency Force’s behalf we must compensate them for it. Every time we ask for an opinion about the continual battle we fight on your behalf with Farmers and FGI we must pay.

UFAA recently filed our Reply Brief to the AGM DRA case working its way through the California Court of Appeals and while we are confident that we will prevail we still need your help.

We appeal to all Farmers Agents to make any contribution you are able to at this time as we certainly need to continue the fundraising efforts as we work through the Legal process.

Please take a moment to go to the secure online UFAA store and make a meaningful contribution that reflects the value of UFAA to you, your agency and your livelihood. You can also use the contribution on page 17 of the 2018 Fall Voice. We are “Agents Helping Agents”®.