If you have email(s) or letter(s) from your DM, DMM, State Executive Director or a Farmers’ employee that you think might violate your agent appointment agreement, please forward them to the UFAA national office. Your examples will be cataloged and possibly be used in court actions. Some of them will be published on this DM/Company Statements page. Please Note: We will remove the agents name(s) and other identifying information before publishing on our website.
This DM didn’t really say this did he?


Good Afternoon,

This is a very important e-mail that I am sending to you guys after spending several hours with Deb Settle giving account for our District in 2011 and an initial Business Plan for 2012.

First, a very special “thank you” for those who worked the Take 5 leads the day prior. It was good to be able to walk in with the District in the #2 position for the Heartland. I truly appreciate your efforts.

I really don’t know how to present some of this information, so I will just do a 1.2.3…approach.

1. 2012 will not look like any year before for Farmers Insurance. We have new leadership, new strategies, and new expectations for growth and retention of the agencies.
2. Doubling Farmers by 2020 and becoming #2 in the industry is not a battle cry; it is a planned strategy that will be accomplished.
3. Many Agents will double their income in the process!
4. Many Agents will not want the changes in expectation of what Farmers Agent is and will cash in their contract value
5. Agents and District Managers who do not want to be part of this growth will be replaced.
6. The Farmers Agency of the future will be a larger, more professional, fully staffed agency.
7. Immediate changes that will be in place for 2012:
A. IA must experience a 7.2% growth to be on target for the 2020 Vision. It will be the responsibility of the DM to insure this happens in their District.
B. Consultative Sales – every Agent must get their CSS designation (including a graded video of them presenting the consultative sales presentation).
C. Take 5 Lead program is not going away. A part of the 7.2% growth IA is expected to produce is $300,000 from Take 5
D. IA’s combined ratio is setting at 136.5. That means we will be taking some rate. Don’t know when or how much, just know it is coming with that type of combined ratio.
E. The DM’s role will shift from Training towards Performance Management.
F. It is no longer okay not to grow.
G. Agents who are not growing and who have bad retention will not be with us by the end of next year.

Like I said, how do you present some of this? I realize you can read these things and get ticked off, but as I sat through these discussions, here is what I heard:

Farmers is committing to double the income of the agents that are willing to help them double in the industry. People who are losing business and not correcting it are already going out of business. All plans and support are to grow.

You may not like all of this, but I hope you will like the emphasis and expectation on growth…cause after all, what business stays in business if they are not profitable.

Herbie Shreve
Farmers Insurance District Manager
District Manager



As your district manager, I am continually reviewing the progress of each agent in the
district to offer my assistance in development of professional Farmers agencies. Please
allow me to share some of my concerns regarding your business results, which at this
time are not meeting expectations. I want to specifically address your life insurance
results. It has been _ consecutive months since you have issued and paid a life policy.

When I met with you back in October of 2010, we discussed the importance of offering
life insurance to your clients. We also discussed your individual results and the
minimum expectation in the district of issuing and paying one life policy, per agent, per

I’ve given you ample time to correct the deficiency and demonstrate an improvement in
your results. Thus far I have not seen any improvements.

I will be contacting you to set up a meeting to discuss these results as well as your plans
to align your agency’s performance and activities with the district and company

Regards, District Manager
cc: SED
cc: Agent File
Another DM not understanding that agents are NOT employees. Shouldn’t he know better?


D 15 FTA’s,

I am sending out a copy of a new report called the RED/GREEN REPORT. It’s a pretty simple report. If you have issued a life insurance policy in the previous month the report will show a green circle next to your name, inside the circle there is a number reflecting the number of consecutive months you have issued a life policy. If you have not issued a life policy the previous month your name will have a red dot next to it. In the red dot will be the number of consecutive months you have not issued and paid on application.

If your number in your Green Circle reaches 10 you will be invited to a Statewide Gala at which you will be awarded a Green Jacket (provided you have 20 i&p life policies for that 10 month period), this will be an exclusive club.

If your number in the Red Circle reaches 6 you will be invited to a meeting with the State Executive, Division Marketing Manager, Life Sales Specialist, and me to discuss your business plan for increasing your life insurance production. If your number in the Red Circle reaches 12 you will have another meeting with the State Executive, DMM, LSS, and me to discuss the future of your Farmers contract. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call.

Regards, Larry
Lawrence P.Sullivan CLU LUTCF FSS CLTC
Dublin District Manager
6077 Frantz Rd Suite 203
Dublin, OH 43017
Cell:614-746-3451 Office:614-588-0677ext.301
e-mail:lsullivan1@farmersagent.com www.farmersagent.com/lsullivan
Why Life?- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-pfULONuY0
Why Can’t It Just Be Good?-It Can!
Following you will find a thought provoking and revealing letter one Texas District Manager sent out to the agents in his District. The table referred to has been removed to protect the District.


To all agents,

I went to a recent division meeting to discuss current events, Farmers 2020 and the opt. in program. A district manager who actually went through the process in Houston was there and he expressed his thoughts on how he felt when he had 7 agents in his district out of 35 agents who were given their terminations. As I thought and listened I wondered who the 7 agents in my district could possibly be, since our districts were similar in size.

His thoughts were the following:

1. He was shocked on which agents were on the list, he had no idea these agents were doing that poorly. Well, he knew who a couple of those agents would be, every agent in the district knows who should be retired already. He said “it is not the agents you think it would be.”
2. The district manager has no input on the selection of the agents on the list and it is grey box data, and once an agent is on the list there are no exceptions. None. He had an agent whose results were poor and had a family member who had medical issues in the past few years and even though there was a valid medical reason, the agent was still involuntarily terminated. Tenure has no meaning it is all based on the grey box data.
3. He felt very bad, as many agents were surprised and he did not warn them as he was not certain if their poor results would place them on the list.
4. He stated the common denominator he could find between all of the agents who were terminated “was low production and no PIF growth.”
5. Finally he stated “the agents own their own results and the consequences are theirs alone.”What does this mean for you, I would think when the company tabulates the grey box data in the near future it will have some variables for low production, and for negative PIF Growth. I have produced a table below to give you some idea of where you stand versus the district averages. The table below excludes all career agents with less than 2 years in tenure. Or any career agent who signed the new agent appointment agreement started in 2009. Please remember this table below is not the official company process, it is only my best guess and does not include all the variables the company will use in their selection process. I do not want you to be shocked or surprised. I have no idea how you individually will measure up in the grey box data versus all the agents in North Texas or what will be the cut off dates for the data that is being used. I can assure you that for some the die is cast, I just wanted every agent not to be surprised if the day comes when they are held accountable for their own results. If you have any concerns or questions please give me a call.

Does this looks like a roundabout way to make a threat or just outright intimidation? You be the judge.

From : John Norman
Date : Fri, 21 Jan 2011 17:01:55 -0600
To :
Subject : 2011 National Broadcast

It is apparent that District 08 08 has a large number of individuals who no longer have an interest in developing and growing their agencies.

There is also a group of agents that are unwilling to participate in a face to face with me to visit about COMPASS –where you have been and where you are headed in 2011.

Both groups are composed of agents that do not grow PIF, produce life sales, attend district meetings, and some that are just totally disengaged from the business.

If you are interested in your future, let me know–I might be able to help.

My question for you at this point is: Do you want others to plan your exit strategy or do you want to be involved.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Attached: Some of the material discussed by HO Ececutives during the 2 hour presentation in OKC Thursday

John Norman, DM
1416 N.W. 52nd St.
Lawton, OK 73505
Office: 580-248-5705
Cell: 580-704-0444
Once again a DM managing with threats, intimidation and manipulation.

Date: 11/03/2010
From: “Vic Lelaurin”
Subject: Life Production 2010 – Required reading – District 96-65 – URGENT

Dear Agents,

At our district meeting last week, our district was made fun of and abused by your life representative, XXXX XXXXX. The life production you have generated, as a group, compared to you local peers, has been terrible! I have been hearing about it from a number of sources and I at least am tired of hearing it. I have to ask you; where is the pride and passion so many of you have had in the past? How have we gone from a top producing life insurance district to the BOTTOM? All can tell you is it cannot continue and it is not acceptable.

No agent should have less than 12 life policies in a calendar year and every agent should have a minimum goal of 20 + a year. Anything less should be unacceptable to you as it is to me.

As of today, we need 141 more policies issued to meet our district goal. If all of you had a minimum of 12 issued for the year, we’d have another 203 policies. Obviously you can see that this should be an easy goal to meet -IF EVERYONE MEETS THE GOAL OF 12.

Those agents that do not meet 12 I&P by year-end this year will be in bi-monthly meetings starting in January for Life marketing and production. Individual performances will be tracked in the new management data base, My Field Point. Failure to attend the meetings will be noted in My Field Point. At the 6 month mark in 2011, any agent not on goal (6 issued life) and losing PIF who also lost PIF and did not make their 2009 number of 12 issued life, I will request be put into the deteriorating agency program. At year end, I will request termination on any agent who has lost PIF and not met 12 issued and paid life. I can’t be more clear.

I want an e-mail or call telling me what number of life policies you are committed to between today and yearend. I want to hear from each of you by Friday. Life is a choice.

What I need from each of you is a commitment to get to 12 issued policies by the end of the year.
Agent Name Life Policies needed to reach 12 I&P
Hi Team,

If you have not responded as of today to me regarding the message that I have left for you, please call me as soon as you can on my cell phone 818-XXX-XXX. We need to discuss your plan for getting 4 written life policies by the end of September.

If I do not hear from you with your plan and you do not write the four policies for September, then you will be required to attend the meeting on October 7th. at state office to go through the life training course.

If you, for any reason, do not attend the state office meeting on the 7th, then a one-on-one meeting with myself and the DMM will be required at state office following the 7th. meeting.

It is imperative that each of you go through your top 25 lists that have been provided to you and any other clients you have in order to meet this company wide objective.
Best regards,

Steve Simoes Almeida
District Manager
Farmers Insurance
23822 W. Valencia Blvd, Ste 210
Valencia,CA 91355
State Executive now has crystal ball telling him who the good agents are!

Colorado District Leaders,

Between Jan 15 and Feb 15 I am requesting to meet in the state office with agents who have issued less than 12 life policies in 2010. I will meet with these agents individually in my office with the district leader present. I want to give these agents an opportunity to discuss their agency situation face to face with me. I realize some agents may have lost their way for various reasons in taking care of their policyholders life needs. Issuing 12 life policies is not a minimum quota as we have no quota’s. I am requesting to meet with agents who issued less than 12 life policies to see what their individual situations are before making decisions on how to proceed in working with these agents going forward.

As you are aware I receive copies of letters being sent out to beneficiaries in regards to how to process a death benefit claim. Farmers agents cannot bring those families love ones back but our agents can dramatically lessen the financial burden of a tragic situation by discussing the importance of life insurance. This is very important “make a difference work” that professional Farmers agents are doing when they discuss life insurance with auto/fire policyholders.

We had a difficult situation this week that struck us hard as a Colorado Farmers agents brother was tragically killed serving our country in Afghanistan. Its just hits home about how fragile life is and the important role Farmers agent play everyday in protecting families financially from life changing situations. I am proud of the work our agents do in providing life insurance protection. Our agents really need to understand the decisions they are making to discuss life insurance or their failure to discuss life insurance can dramatically alter the future for those families should some tragic death to a families breadwinner occur. Taking care of 1 family a month to average 12 policies a year is not a quota but its also not to much to ask to meet the needs of our policyholders who provide income for our families. I want to meet with agents who issued less than 12 life policies in 2010 to see if they are willing to get back to meeting the needs of families who depend on their guidance.

On the flip side I want to meet with the agents in your district who issued 12 or more life policies. I would really enjoy taking those agents in your district out to a nice lunch in Jan/Feb time-frame just to say thanks for being great agents. Their policyholders are very lucky they picked them to be their agents and I want to personally say thanks for being that type agent. Just to give an extra special thanks to the district that has the highest percentage of agents issuing over 12 life policies I am going to take that amazing group of agents to lunch at Del Frisco’s. I am not sure I can get $75.00 steaks approved on the company budget but frankly I really don’t care and will pay the tab personally because its that important to me to recognize a district group of exceptional agents that represent what being a Farmers agent is all about.

I don’t enjoy having face to face individual meetings that can be difficult at times but life insurance sales is potentially the most important policy we provide to Colorado families so as the leader of the state I have an obligation to those families to see what’s going on in these agents operations. So here’s the deal…….your agents can meet with me in the state office individually to discuss their future with Farmers or they can meet with me as a district group to celebrate their future as fantastic agents over a nice lunch. The choice is theirs as there is plenty of time left in the year to take care of at least 12 families or mores’ life needs. I am hoping for no individual meetings and a gigantic group of agents from your district to join me for a celebration lunch in early 2011.
Life really does matter most and our policyholders all deserve to have professional agents who take tremendous pride in taking care of families life insurance needs in Colorado. Game on…….which agents in your district are joining me for lunch and which group of amazing agents is meeting at Del Frisco’s !

Take Care,
James Pursell
Farmers Insurance Colorado State Office
Colorado State Executive Director
(303) 283-6100
And yet another Misguided DM that thinks we are employees!!

From: LifeQuota@aol.com
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 12:47:07 EDT
Subject: Distrct written if you don’t have at least two we need to have a meeting soon

[Production Table Removed]

I’m requesting a meeting next Thursday July 1st at 10:30 for any agent with zero or life written to come into the district office at 10:30 a.m. and If you can’t make this meeting we will meet at the state office. The only way to remove yourself from the meeting is to write at the very lease one life policy. According to the numbers the following agents must meet at the district office on July 1st, at 10:30 sharp. You will be giving a Limra Project 100 Booklet and we will meet weekly to go over your results.

I hope some if not all can get off this list, but I’m no to hopeful.

See you Thursday, July 1st, at 10:30 at the district office and please make every available attempt to be on time.

Jim Mulligan
Farmers District 91, We Are Family!
If you would like to join our Family as a Farmers Insurance Agent, please call.
From: Alec Lewis [mailto:alewis@farmersagent.com]
Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 5:07 PM
Subject: Farmers Way Tracker

Just a reminder the end of the month is also the end of the 2nd qtr for “The Farmers Way” Please don’t wait until the last day of the month to call the District office and ask for help, our new State Exec. is taking this just a serious if not more so than our last State Exec. And some of you are on pace to not validate the Farmers Way again for the second consecutive qtr please don’t make me be the bad guy, every one has had 3 mos to do 2 eFFRs per day or 2 VIPs or VIPIIs per day and there are 16 days left to get everything done.

1. 2000 leads or be enrolled in AMP
2. 60 VIPs or VIPIIs or eFFRs
3. Process All required “My Alerts”
4. Have the required Campaigns turned on

Ask Everyone About Life Insurance It’s The Right Thing To Do For Our Customers And Their Families!!
Alec Lewis District Mgr.& Registered Principal
Farmers Insurance & Financial SRVC
From: Doug Clagg
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 5:48 PM

Subject: Ad-Aid

All of you know the importance to your customers of writing life insurance. Issued life insurance also contributes to Farmers’ marketing position, stability and cost control; the Company doesn’t succeed and grow if our agency force doesn’t. Your new business and retention result is the king pin of this company and life insurance supports both.

Recently, the District added the issuance of life insurance as a component of getting and keeping assigned polices. The requirement is to be on track to issuing and paying 15 life polices, including Critical Illness Riders (1.25 policies per month).

In the same context, issuing and paying life insurance will now be a factor in being assigned Ad-Aid. The District is assigned a pool of money each year that is distributed at the District level. The standard for participating in this pot of money will be to be based on the same issued and paid, monthly, benchmark noted above.

Farmers Insurance
Doug Clagg, DM
POB 30549
Santa Barbara 93130

Sent: May 12, 2010 1:41 PM
Subject: Life Insurance and Assigned Policies

You are one of several agents receiving this e-mail. It indicates you have between 101 and 1803 polices in your 500 code and you issued and paid less than 15 life policies last year and/or are not on track to issue and pay 15 this year (1.25 per month).

The expectation is, for the opportunity to work those households, and grow business (including life policies) for your agency, the District and L A Market, you received service commissions. There is no entitlement to continue keep the policies and assignment of them is still at the discretion of the District. FTAs have no production quotas and is a huge advantage to your Farmers contract. However the District has assigned quotas and needs you supporting the efforts of the Company.

The District is to produce 15 life policies per agent this year and is asking you to meet your 15 by the end of the year. So, you are required to issue and pay 7 life policies (C I riders count) by June 30, 2010 or 75 policies will be reassigned to another agent. Each month after you are to I & P 2 more or another 50 will be reassigned. This will continue until you reach the 15 and/or the 500 polices are exhausted.

This is not personal, vindictive nor an unreasonable request. Future policy assignments will put more weight on consistent life production.

Farmers Insurance
Doug Clagg, DM
POB 30549
Santa Barbara 93130

From: dgivens@farmersagent.com
Sent: 4/14/2010
Subj: Life Production


Going through my reports I noticed that you are at 0 IP’d for the year. I cannot continue letting agents write 0 life policies for the year, it affects my overall numbers and it is my job to keep our production up. You are too good of an agent to not be writing life insurance, and if you need help please let me know. I am going to be following up with you on a monthly basis if this continues, and will ask of you an explanation each month to put into your agent file.

Dylan Givens
District Manager, Farmers Insurance
8305 SE Monterey Ave, Ste 110
Portland, Or 97086
(503) 885-9293 ph.
(503) 595-8775 fax
For Career Opportunities:

Looks like the “management” is at it again in Colorado…

Date: 01/18/2010
From: Ronald Alper

Subject: Reminder
You are expected to attend life training tomorrow at noon at the district office to help you write & issued life policies for your clients. The minimum agent life performance is 1/month and you have not met these expectations. Several agents have not issued a life policy this month, but these agents have gone the longest period of time.

xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxxx

Thank You,

Ronald Alper
Ronald Alper Insurance Agency, Inc. 303-776-5300
Farmers District Leader, Longmont, CO

When facing Challenges “Attitude” not aptitude determines Success

Date: 01/19/2010
From: Ronald Alper


January 2010 MTD our district has I&P 2 life policies. Farmers’ minimum performance for each agent is 18/year, I understand we must walk (1 Life I&P/month) before we can run (1.5 life I&P/month). As you can see from the email below, James Pursell is very tired of districts not meeting the life I&P goal. Last year everyone made the commitment to I&P 1 life policy in Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec. 2 agents accomplished this and 22 did not. I can no longer accept less than 12 life I&P per agent in 2010. James and I will be forced to take action if you do not reach the districts life I&P minimum of 12 in 2010 and 18 in 2011. Our district goal is 288 in 2010 and 432 in 2011. Please decide to make your/our goals. This message is meant to insure that you understand what is expected in Life sales, not a threat.

EMAIL From James Pursell -State Executive Director

You guys (DM’s) going to man up in 2010 or is Chara going to have to continue taking this crap? District Managers cannot leave life results up to chance.

District Leaders prepare to win and control the life results within their district operation. Clearly Home Office does not think you are any real threat to challenge agents in life sales. How much sand are you going to swallow before you get pissed off and make your damn life goal!
James Pursell
Farmers Insurance Colorado State Office
Colorado State Executive Director
(303) 283-6100

Thank You, Ronald Alper

Ronald Alper Insurance Agency, Inc. 303-776-5300
Farmers District Leader, Longmont, CO
When facing Challenges “Attitude” not aptitude determines Success

Another example of a DM trying to manage by threats, intimidation and manipulation. Requiring 10 life policies by mid-year and that a Life Commitment Worksheet be completed is a production requirement. Career agents have no production requirements. I wonder if home office knows about this. Hmmmmmm !



This year, as an incentive for agents that are helping the District to hit our goals, I will be reviewing your life production numbers halfway through the year. Any agent that has not issued at least 10 life policies will be subject to having their #500 series policies reallocated to another agent. Please fill out the attached Life Commitment sheet and return it to the District Office, via email or fax.
Thanks, Dave Carl, 73-24-01

The total number of policies currently in your #500 series: XXXX

Where in Agent Appointment Agreement does it mention mandatory meetings and production requirements?
• Here are emails that were sent out (Mandatory Life Meetings – PDF Format)
• Here is your agreement (Agent Appointment Agreement – PDF Format)

July 2009, Yet another DM fails to understand that agents are independent contractors.
Great News — Life Performance Bonus has been changed just for our zone for both 3rd and 4th quarter. You will love the changes, and it couldn’t of come at a better time since we just kicked off our Life Calcutta promotion. Please read the rules attached and get the life issued.

Not Great News — Yesterday I received a severe reprimand from the state office about how poorly my district’s life policy issued performance is. We are last in the state and in the bottom 10 nationally, 3 issued in July from 30 agents. I had no defense!!! Starting on August 1st, any agent who does not issue 1 life policy each month will have to attend mandatory life training the following month on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday on each month from 10am to 11am. Training will be conducted by me and members of the state office. Example, no life policies issued in August, must attend life training on 9/8 and 9/22. If you issue a life policy in September, then you are not required to attend October training. Each month stands alone and no life issued will require life training the following month. You may chose not to attend the mandatory life training, I am then obligated to document that and forward your failure to attend to the state and home office. The Farmers’ Group of Companies does have the right to expect agents to be productive in all lines of business. The life issued expectation is 1/month minimum. This is not an unreasonable expectation since thousands of agents do issue at least 1 life/month.

I do not like having this type of conversation, but it is necessary to improve our life sales performance and you are the only one that do it. I know you can, if you want to, if you focus, if you put in the effort, if you feel it is important.

Here is the document that was sent out (PDF Format)

Another DM treating agents as employees.
Hopefully you understand, like I do, the importance of Life insurance. It can make the difference between a family staying in their home or filing for bankruptcy.

No one likes to think about death and so most clients don’t bring it up. When we got into this business, and signed with Farmers, we understood this would be our responsibility.
As a manager of this District, the only way I know that’s happening is by counting actual sales. I can only assume an agent not consistently selling has lost their interest or knowledge in effective life sales. Therefore, we will be conducting a series of mandatory, monthly life classes to help you achieve this objective.

You’ll receive hands-on knowledge about what the pros do to excel in life sales. Besides protecting your clients, ideally you’ll see an increase in your P&C retention, higher income, and you’ll be in a stronger position for 21st Century leads when they start to flow.
Excuses for missed classes are illness or out of town. If you miss a class, please make arrangements to make it up in the district office.

Classes will be held in the small, downstairs meeting room below the state office 9-10:30a.m.
May 28th, June 25th, July 30th’ August 27th’ September 24th
*We will continue classes if production remains below 2 I&P per agent per month

Here is the document that was sent out. (PDF Format)

June 29, 2009 – Another example of a misguided State Executive Director misinterpretation of the Agent Appointment Agreement, where they imply a production quota where one does not exist.


We appreciate your attendance at the recent Opportunity Growth Workshop. We hope you found the experience educational and motivational. The primary goal of the workshop is to refresh your understanding of what it means to be a Farmers’ Agent. Furthermore our aim is to provide you with the tools and resources necessary to carry out the obligations of your Agency Appointment Agreement as well as the duties and responsibilities referenced in the Agents guide.

The three major overlying components of this commitment to the company as reviewed in detail at our meeting are to Solicit, to Sell, and to Service. While we discussed these in detail and provided you a copy of the Agents Duties and Responsibilities as referenced in your Agents Guide, I have again attached a copy for your reference. All of these components are incorporated in the Farmers’ Way of doing business, which is a valuable process towards agency growth.

What is important to remember is that both the Agent Appointment agreement itself along with subsequent initiatives developed by the Companies are put in place to help position you, the Agent, for success. If you decide to dedicate yourself to reviving your agency, we have confidence you will grow your understanding of why a Farmers Agency is the best small business opportunity in America. In helping you revive your agency we ask that you meet with your District Manager by no later than June 30, 2009 to go over your business plan. The XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX team along with the state office staff will continue to monitor your progress over the next few months. If you should have any questions or need additional assistance from my team please feel free to contact them.

Opportunity Growth Workshop (PDF)
June 18th, 2009 – The following email came from another DM who has forgotten that agents have no quotas, nor are they his employees.


This is a heads up on future Life meetings. Agents who do not have 12 life policies written by June 29th will be meeting with me every week. The first meeting will be June 30th in the training room in the District Office. We will meet every Tuesday (TALLY TUESDAY) and review your results from the previous week. The meeting should last approximately 45 minutes and we will have special guest along with reporting your life results. State Executive XXXXXX XXXXX is scheduled to attend either the first or second meeting. I will be sending out the list of agents but most of you already know where you stand.


Co-Op Coercion

Subject: Reminder: Co-Op forms

If you have any questions on this please give me a call, otherwise understand that this is your support in Farmers Marketing on TV, Radio, xxxxx Park etc If we do not get enough participation there will no extra local advertising in our area, there are xxxxxxxxx dollars. As business owners this is an investment you should make into your Agency.

Also note that if you do not sign up you will not qualify for the opportunity to receive polices from the 21st Century Acquisition.

If you planned on bringing to the meeting please go ahead and fax it in and we will make sure that they get turned in and we get your ticket for the game. Even if you don’t plan on going to the game or the meetings we need your co-op form asap.

Here is the document that was sent out (PDF Format)

Another email from a very desperate DM.

Subject: Life Sales

Hello Team,

I don’t think I have ever sent out a message like I am going to send now, in fact, I am sure of it. I don’t want to write this message, but I don’t know what else to do! Please do not pass it on as I would like this to remain confidential between us. Not to spouses, other agents, DM’s, no one!!!

I desperately need your help over the next 7 months with respect to Life Insurance production in the District. I could lose my job as a DM over this topic. I should give you all of the “he said” “she said”, but I don’t think it matters. Pressure is continuing to mount and I have been told to fix this problem, or else. Two District Managers in the Division have already been forced to retire due to poor performance. You all know we have not performed well for years with respect to Life I&P. Some of you have done well, and I thank you! I have tried many things as a DM to improve our life numbers, but our results have not improved. We have stayed between the 11.0 & 13.0 Issued & Paid per FTA level for nearly 7 years. I take personal responsibility that I have failed in this regard, but I don’t think I am the only one that is to blame for our poor results. Each of you bears some of this responsibility as well.

If you want me to remain your DM, then I would ask that you please focus on this area. Now, then again, if you want someone new at the helm, then here is your chance! Sit still and you can deal with a fresh face in 2010. This is not a fame, I am not pulling your chain; I need your help! It’s not my style to lie or manipulate you in any way. I think you know what if you need training I will either provide it or figure out what you need with the vast resources that are available. This is not rocket science; it’s just being persistent everyday about something that is important.

You may ask, “What do we need to do specifically?” Ideally, you all need to hit 20 I&P. Frankly, I know that’s not going to happen. So, what I am asking each of you to do is this – Issue and Paid 2 per month, each month for the rest of the year. No matter what you have done so far, please issue and pay 2 policies in each month from now to December. That’s adding 14 more issued and paid policies by year end. Use the Cl rider and its only 7 clients! This will get us to where I think we need to be.

Okay, now I will go take a shower!

PS – I have never asked any of you to do anything to support me or to make my life easier. I have only tried to advocate your success in all of our interactions. I have tried to be a servant leader, but now I am asking. Will you take this challenge? I need your help! For heaven’s sake, a level Team 2000 product with a critical illness rider qualifies each month! But, above all, do what’s right for the client!

Have a great weekend and please go to the Life Symposium next week!