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Summer 2016 Voice Two Cents Responses: 

After 35 years as an agent, when we thought we were going to be clipping coupons as a result of our years of hard work, Farmers, again has gone to the well of our livelihood.  This is just another example of how Farmers/Zurich doesn’t give a damn about the struggles we are having.  I wonder what Jeff Dailey, and all of the other so called executives are going to cut back on???

Yesterday our DM gathered his “A Club agents” and had a breakfast meeting with us to check in and see where everyone was now that school is back in session and the 3rd quarter is almost history. There were 5 of us in attendance, we were the proverbial Profit Bonus qualifiers every year, Toppers/Championship & consistent level 2 & 3 (old life bonus) producers. Now, we can’t tell where we’ll land as one month I’m an A on the AGM and next month I’m a C. UQI I’m a 4 next month a 2.

The Company doesn’t want to see anyone bonus and they’re fine with dangling the carrot to make it look like it’s there when in reality it’s almost impossible!

Between commission cuts coming next year and the removal of (old) profit bonus which is how my former DM told me “Kid, this is how you pay your taxes with this money…” I’m looking at over $100K/year haircut. So exactly, where am I supposed to make that up? 

Our rates are double and triple the competition, we’re losing quality business (remember the Confident Planners–the one’s we could never write because we were so high to begin with!) in droves, we’re talking people who have been with us 25+ years with virtually no claims or little claims. one I know in Farmers on the agency side feels good about their future or where they will be in 5 years.

Tough to swallow for old timers like us who were told “Build this business with your blood, sweat & tears & work 6 days a week and it will take care of you the rest of your life…”

This Agent is right on the money. I feel exactly the same way. I don’t know what I’m going to do after being with Farmers for 26 years. My DM is always harping that I should hire another employee since my Office Manger quit 2 years ago. I don’t see how I can afford to hire anyone at this time. I’m doing all the work myself to stay in business. 

It is a sickening situation to be in after all these years. Facing a bleak future with Farmers.

 I have decided to leave. Unfortunately my contract value is about $20,000 less than 2 years ago. I am sure Farmers corporate’s commission change is legal, but it is wrong. I was way happier sharing an office and expenses with another agent. My written premium may have increased, but my take home has not.  Plus, I now owe Farmers for that awesome Platform assistance that I did not want.

Good luck to the agents that stay. This business is cyclical.

I couldn’t have said better. After 31 years with Farmers, I am done at the end of the year. A bit earlier that I originally planned since I am not on Medicare yet. I have seen some good years with Farmers, but last few years have been the worst. I started my agency to be self-employed and dictate my own future. Now Farmers is having its core suck out by Zurich’s corporate greed. Very sad indeed. 

Thank You

Agent since 1992. Worst decision I ever made. Should have gone with State Farm. Lied to by my DM. Too old now to even think about anything else.  Contract value is now in the toilet. Rates are twice what ANY of the regular companies charge. Lost at least 50% of my book the past five years. Cannot afford to retire.  If you are a younger agent make copies of every file and get out.  This is not the same company I signed up with 25 years ago. If Marty was still here and we did not send $1B every quarter to Zurich, and we didn’t have our current CEO, it would still be a great company.  Not now. It is sad to see all of us old agents who built this company being thrown down the drain.  I will take FIG to court when and if the time comes before I DECIDE on when I leave and not them. When I first started I could not wait to get to the office to make calls, make appointments, etc.  Now I hate going to the office to see what smart office I need to be obligated to, what new useless program they want me to sign up for that I HAVE TO PAY FOR.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  The entire FGI/Zurich board of directors, officers, Vice Presidents, etc, need to be fired and replaced.

Not a happy agent.

Consolidating office with another agent and laying off a part time staff.  Losing confidence in farmers and bad attitude.  5 years to go. 

Some of the tough decisions I’m already making and or will be making are:

1, Cutting back on staff or sadly, eliminating staff completely.

2, I definitely will not be renewing my lease next year. Currently I’m in a gorgeous, very professional office complex. I have the big Farmers sign displayed in my lobby area as you enter. This will all disappear as I will be forced to move to a low-priced executive suite type of setup. All of this branding Farmers had us do in our office, is now down the drain.

3, No longer will I accept a mono-line client or renters policy, it’s just not worth it.  Let’s look at a renters policy under the new commission schedule. As of next year you can now work for less than minimum wage (at least here in California). A renters policy is about the same amount of time as a home. You’ll probably spend around 2 hours total when you really look at everything.  You’ll be emailing back and forth to the client, explaining the coverage, getting the signatures, imaging the docs, receipting the money, setting up your file, and other things I’m sure. On a $150.00 year premium you can make $21.00 the first year and $15.00 on renewal. I don’t think so.

4, I’m currently directing all lenders who want to verify home insurance coverage to the service center. I no longer have time for this, nor does my staff (what’s left of it). I’m directing more and more clients to the service center to have problems solved. Don’t call me to make a payment, I don’t have time any longer as I don’t have the staff. I’ve already changed my voice message to reflect this. If you have a claim or wish to make a payment, call the service center at ### ### ####.

5, I’m deciding on which clients I’ll continue to service. I feel bad because I no longer have time to be personal with everyone. At the end of the day, I will have to cut loose the clients who consume too much of my time. The 10 percenters as we say who consume 90% of your time.  

6, No longer will I work any quotes or leads. The commission on these were reduced to begin with, now it will just be an insult to me.  

This letter is well written and strikes at the heart of the matter at hand.  As an agent for over 30 years another concern is that my contract value will be worth a lot less.  My PIF has already been in decline for many years due to our “fire-line” restrictions and rates as long time clients have left and ability to add new clients is extremely difficult.  Do I retire now or wait it out?  Who is going to buy my agency with lower commissions and additional hurdles to climb?  If Farmers truly says we are in this together then why doesn’t the company lower its management fees and reduce salaries on all their employees the same percentages.  Let’s see what they do to adjust to a significantly lesser income.  I have begun to cut out advertising/marketing anyway since our rates are out of line.  I may decide to share an office with another agent to reduce overhead and help cover the office.  With Farmers being so uncompetitive and so many restrictions on writing new homes policies it would be unrealistic to expect to consistently reach any bonuses.  I have had several producers over the years and they have all left because they were not able to write enough business to make a living.       

First, thanks for the bulletins. I’m 71, been with Farmers for over 30 years. Either selling the agency or taking contract value. Gone in December, January at the latest.

Still deciding whether or not to go IA.

Farmers will never change as long as it’s owned by Zurich.

It is plain as day that Farmers is violating IRS rules regarding what is an employee and what is an independent contractor.

I am a long term agent (over 30 years). 

My question to the management is this.  When you look into the mirror, do you see someone that your children, parents and piers are proud of or respect as a person based on how you treat others?  Are you someone that lives by the motto your handshake is your word and you do your best honor your word?  Or has corporate greed taken your integrity and self-respect?

To cut our incomes to this level is disturbing and makes me think what next.  When I started, we made double the commissions you are now offering and we were leaders in the industry. 

Since then, you have taken this once great company and turned it into just an average overpriced company.  

I have never seen Farmers management show such a low level of concern/respect towards the agency force as of late.  Unfortunately, it appears you do not care and you have no clue as to what we, the agency force, bring to the table.  You don’t realize how hard we work to protect the company from itself with the constant rate changes, billing issues, claims issues and policy processing errors.  Most clients indicate they are only hear because of us.  So when you devalue the agency force remember that.  

These commission cuts are going to cut deep in my agency and I will have to make major changes.  I am fearful I will have to let some staffing go and I am eliminating all participation in the company programs and seriously contemplating my career options.  I have n to many agents that are doing the same and many are indicating they are terminating their contracts by July 2018.

I know I’m not alone but I am really confused as to what to do but one thing for sure,  I will make it through this no matter what!

Good luck to all my fellow agents and remember together we are strong. 

If you believe that this is the first and only commission cut FIG is figuring in their 5 year plan you are deluding yourself!

Move into an office to share staff and expenses, FIG/DM’s say no! 

Sell the agency, to who, for what price, as this new “strategy” has devalued the agencies by more than 40%! 

So what do I cut-everything. My pay, staff pay is now capped, no more incentives to staff for new business, cut office expense to the bone, remove the water, soda, coffee, candy, etc, that we now offer clients when they come to the office. Remove all of the “extra” programs that FIG wants us to fund. 

23 years ago when I was first starting out I agreed that this was one of the “best small business opportunities in America”, not ANYMORE!

FIG states that “it is the agency force” that is the reason our expenses are so high. I say we as agents built this company with our marketing, selling skills, and connections to our clients. All of the agents have saved countless policies over the years simply by being who and what they are, responsible, hardworking, caring, knowledgeable, Agents. 

Building “larger, stronger agencies” is a great concept. FIG’s way is, cut commissions, smart offices, AMP, Performance Marketing Program, Digital Storefront Program, Website Customization, Signage, Office Paint Color, Co-Op…?

I say Give us a quality products at a fair price and watch the agencies soar!

I still believe in Farmers so if you are one of the Agents that say UFAA is just a bunch of complainers and lazy agents, I say WAKE UP!!!

As of November 2017 I will have been an agent for Farmers Insurance for 48 years.  As of 01/01/2018 I will no longer be an agent as I’m going to retire.  Not that I want to but that I’ve been given notice about 15 years ago that I would no longer be given any files for agents that quit or let go.  I’m done.  Besides with the rates that are not competitive and the underwriting rules the way they are it’s hard to write any business.

I called underwriting yesterday because I was mad that when I tried to quote a customer in Farmers who has 21st Century at present, I couldn’t and was told by the computer that I needed to quote Bristol West.  The underwriter told me that that’s because the individual had limits of 25/50/25 and people coming from other companies need higher limits than that.  It made no sense but who am I to argue.

Thank You UFAA for the information that is given by you to all.

I agree with everything said. I have been an agent with Farmers for 33 years and the past five years have been the worst years for growth of my agency due to the bad management of FGI. They don’t believe in the agency force anymore and are seeking to slowly replace us with a direct sales technology based system. Farmers continues to decline in market share and charge higher premiums to make up the difference. Farmers is slowly sinking and with their failing reputation it will be difficult to get back to the greatness of past years. .

Wonderful piece-its says it all. To answer the questions posed-as I have been saying and writing for 2+ years (since Smart Home with decreased commissions was announced), the ONLY way we are going to get the attention of FIG/ZURICH is to either go on strike (no more new business nationwide) or file a class action lawsuit and seek an immediate injunction stopping the cuts AND getting rid of the Smart Home cuts so they can’t end run us by just moving everyone over and screwing us that way. THEN we go the media and the equity markets and tell our story of willful breach of contract, willful fraud, willful discrimination, willful infliction of emotional distress, etc etc etc.

I had always believed that my business would grow and grow, and by the time I reached my early sixties I would have it made, my agency would run like a machine, income would be the least of my problems. After 29 years, not so much. 

My income is lower than ever and maintaining my current book is as cumbersome as ever with Farmers systems and trying to keep up with Farmers moving targets…well forget about it. 

I am very seriously looking at selling my agency and will be meeting a potential buyer next week, if it goes through I will be seeking a new career, not what I expected in my sixties.

Maybe I’ll be thanking Farmers for “forcing” me out.  I know I could ‘go at it’ like i did when i started (at least I think I could) but then Farmers becomes “unprofitable” and rates go through the roof and I am back to where I am today. So for now I am operating “skinny” until sold.

Thanks for listening.

This didn’t mention one option for someone like myself who has over 30 years of time as a Farmers Agent (over 4 times the 7 year productive period noted).  That option is to eliminate all expenses and change the word Expense to one better, Retirement.  Retirement comes the end of November, before all the commission cuts kick in.  No commision cuts, no hard choices on what expenses to cut if there would really be any.

AMP gone, some personal expenses like cable gone, no participation in any Farmers boondoggle that requires my money, office can’t get much smaller or cheaper, and no staff.  I will spend some money on NetQuotes home leads only.  That is about it.   I am out for myself from now on.

I am trending $200,000 profitable.  Double the one year profitable average in State and almost two times the three year profitability of the average agent.

Losing 20 to 30% of existing business thanks to being uncompetitive in addition to commission cuts I have added a 3rd job to my daily tasks.  I now go to bed at 7:00 pm and get up at 3:00 am to start my work day.  Thank you management.

After 45 years running my agency there is only two options, except the cuts which would cost me contract value and auto profitability bonus or sale my agency before the cuts.

Very disappointed & loyal agent

I have been an agent for over ten years now. I explained to my District Office, not my District Manager due to the fact he’s never available, that all of the reasons I chose Farmers are now gone. I was twenty seven years old, and had the opportunity to choose any company.  I had all the companies beating down my door,  AllState, American Family, to name a few along with every other standard company. I can recall sending in my resignation on three different occasions, just to be convinced by my original DM to stay, that I’ve fought this long and come too far to give up now. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve thrived as a Farmers agent, my agency is where most agents only wish to be in the short time I’ve been here. Since the announcement of the first commission cut, I did what this letter says, I threw my hands up and thought there’s nothing I can do. I went home and told my husband that we have five years to be completely debt free, we can’t spend on anything but necessities. With no vacation in sight, home cooked meals every day, and we’ve considered selling our home and buying a home in a less desirable neighborhood, this is making staying with my agency much less desirable. The fact that I show up every day, with the thought, I’ll just work until the money runs out, makes it much less desirable to stay. I obtained my realtors license to help compensate the difference in commission, so I don’t have to terminate my employees. I know of an agent that obtained a part time job at a local hardware store to offset the loss of commission. This is not what I expected ten years ago, obtaining a second job, and becoming an employee of Farmers without reaping the rewards of having the benefits that come along with being an employee. We need help! We need compassion and appreciation, but I’m almost certain that “they” won’t hear us.

Good article. I have no idea what I am going to do. Farmers has destroyed my agency, since 2008 I’m down about 1000 PIF, and have no chance to fix the problem, especially not with them cutting the money I have to work with. They have destroyed any trust I had in them, taken away any chance I have to retire in the future (I’m in my 60s now, 40 years with Farmers), and shown me I just don’t matter to them. The company I originally joined was like a big family. I don’t recognize this one.

I will have to cut staff for sure which will make my office not as professional. I will have to cut advertising which is the only way I am able to reach new clients. I will have to cut charitable giving which is the way I give back to the community that has been so good to  me and to Farmers.   I would be glad to join any organized effort to try to get Farmers to reconsider what I think will be the worst mistake they have ever made, and believe me I think they have made a few mistakes over the last several years.  I have been an agent for 35 years.  Oh for the good old days when Farmers was a family.

30 Year agent very successful toppers 20+ years Championship 5 years 4000+ policies at one time now 3000+ , quitting and moving on its the only answer that I see.

  1. I have begun to aggressively campaign for FFR’s. Additional sales are trickling in. Personal life is trickling away.
  2. I have started to prospect for new lead sources. I have spent a lot of money so far and time and effort with limited results.
  3. Staff pay increases are no longer an option.

Anticipating pain as I have built my business life and personal life around the expectation that my income will grow and not shrink.

And a lot more.  

As I have been saying for years, agents at Farmers need to find income sources elsewhere where they can tell farmers to heave ho. Agents should sell mortgages , Medicare supplements, used cars.

I did so many years ago and it has worked fine. This is the only answer.

  • When lease is up I’m looking to move into a less expensive much smaller space. Clients don’t really come to the office much as they are busy and would rather work by phone/email. Isn’t that why Farmers is moving to all this online/self-service. Why not go old school and be like a concierge service where I come to them and not have an office at all or share with a bunch of agents.
  • I do not participate in their programs such as AMP as it has never really brought me any new business.
  • The bonus goals change from year to year and with every management change, everything else changes too. So just waiting for new turnover to see how the rules will change.
  • Farmers thinks that contests motivate agents, actually just let us sell and quit comparing us to each other (anyone can make any survey/statistics look how they want them too) and I find I like being an agent.
  • I am not their employee and they should be grateful for everything I do.
  • I was at a town hall thing and wow they gave themselves so many kudos and talked about how great they all were for organizing this meeting and having the presentations go so well. They spent over an hour on Signal program, like it was the lifeline for the company.

The below email from a this agent could not be more spot on, I am a 28yr agent and have shared an office for 26 of those years, I am down form 2 1/2 employees to 1 employee in a 1200 sqft office with an office partner that I have asked to leave so that I am in compliance with FIE requirements, because of this he will be selling his book of business, I believe he was on the fence and this along with commission cuts put him over the fence on selling. I am now forced to cut expenses anyway I can and will now be moving from a nice 1200 sqft office that is 100% FIE compliant to a 620 sqft office that will have to be made compliant.

I guess I’m like all agents, no one actually believe this NEW bonus is actually going to apply to more than 2-3% of the agency force and if they want to cut commissions on new business well I can understand that to some degree, do not like it, but to cut the business we have built, in my case over 28yrs is horrible and decimates the agency force, I only hope that I can make it to 38yrs.

Great story.   That is exactly what we are feeling now.   Add to that the relationships that we have built through the years with our clients.  We are going to lose that because Farmers does not seem to care about that. 

Good work , I wish we can do more to stop that crazy move by Farmers.

Fantastic Summary of the Issues faced by all Agents.

I will not and have not paid for Any of  Farmers programs that never work and change every year.

I will do my best to find a way to make Farmers do more service work that they push off too me, but not in a way that effects a customer in any way .

I cut my staff person (I only had one) last summer (2016).  This helped keep me afloat for the last year.  I have lost PIF and thus commissions due to rate increases and tightening of underwriting guidelines.  With the anticipated commission cuts for 2018 I am seriously considering selling my Farmers book and start something new.  I have been an agent for 17 years this month.  The Farmers opportunity has provided for my family and I am grateful for the past.  However, in the current conditions, I don’t know how much longer I can stay or if it will continue to provide for me and my family’s needs.

I have had enough of Farmers. It is obvious that the company’s objective is to eventually eliminate the agency force and sell direct to consumer.

I plan on selling my agency or contract value turn in prior to the end of the year.

I am DONE.  I am OUT OF HERE.  I REFUSE to put up with these corporate thieves attempting to steal my way of life.  I was first licensed in 1973.  I am now 75 years old. I have given ONE YEAR’S advance notice to Farmers that I am DONE.  I am OUT OF HERE.

So I have qualified for the “early termination notice bonus” which is $10,000 at my size of agency.  It could be $20,000 bonus for you if you have a larger PIF than I do.  Why not check it out?

The original contract I signed, on behalf of my corporation, was in 1979.  I was a sole prop agent from 1973 to 1979.  My contract does not allow a “sale” of the agency. So, I signed the new contract with a view toward ‘selling’ my agency to my long time office manager. She has run all aspects on this agency for 35 years and wants to remain in the business.  So I am ‘selling’ this agency to her with no money down and monthly payments of about a third of the cost of my salary (including all taxes) that I have maintained.  I realize that this ‘debt’ will never be paid off but I will go out with the continued support of ALL of our existing customers, notwithstanding the client run off that Farmers has promulgated.  See you in the next life.

Farmers has lost Market Share across the nation.    In Texas Farmers only has 10% of the homeowner market.   Really?   Aren’t we King in Texas.   Apparently NOT!    In Tennessee we have yet to compare in size to our competitors.   30 years in the making and yet we can’t grow and make a profit.   So we are told.  (another lie)   That means rate increases.    Heavy cancellations, more hard hours, and reduced commissions.   On top of that, lost revenue due to commission cuts.    I had to let my one staff AP/CSR go back in June because I can’t afford to keep her.   Now I am looking for a buy out.

I have been lied to by Farmers so many times, I am not surprised that FIG is going south fast.    Agents are being weeded out, commissions are being cut, agencies are suffering, and they still tell us to work longer hours, produce more.    I go by the quote system, the more I quote, the more I write.    Yep, 1 out of 10 seems about right.

Thank you Farmers.

On the 20 point list with IRS Farmers blatantly ignores 12 indicators, mostly ignores 2, and manages to dance around the remaining 6.  How many do they have to ignore before the IRS classes them an employer?  I am being treated like and threatened like an employee, Tony Jackson is out of control in our district and point blank tells us it is his way or the highway, really?   

How to cut $4,000 per month from my overhead and if my partner quits, Farmers due to the theft of commission  find a way to cut $6,000 per month from my overhead and expenses, as he pays $2000 plus per month on overhead also.   We run a large agency and these are real hard numbers and realities we must face, when the  40% theft occurs.. 10% auto and 30% fire commission theft and not to mention contract value theft built over the past 30 years…

Move to a smaller business office

Move from my home of 21 years to a smaller home.

Fire 2 staff members

Cancel marketing and FAM overhead and expenses

Sue Farmers for theft of contract value and commissions as Management Company is not taking 40% less and doing the same service. There is Theft and deceptions representing build your business, the Best business opportunity in America then we will come in steal 40%…  Dishonesty to new agents purchasing agency, that are right now paying up 3 times full value… of the business that will see Farmers theft of 40% of that value next year. If that is not deceptive business practice I do not know what is???   All the while FGI or FIG, management company or continues to Oink up the same nearly 3 billion…. If this commission cuts needs to be done to make us competitive. FGI or FIG Management needs to also take a 40% cut in revenue which is 1.2 billion.. To make us competitive also…

The management company continues to compete against the captive agents that built Farmers Insurance and now use the same revenue to help independent agent, who write for many insurance companies can also write Farmers ins. but don’t you dare compete against Farmers or you will be terminated….over 13,000 Farmers agents and total of 48,000 with captive agents and independent agents combined…

Dereliction of duty by FGI or FIG One of many examples is management company borrowing to around 500 million from the exchanges owned by the policy holders to buy 21st century insurance. Then Sold 21st century to Farmers insurance exchange, the exchanges charged the exchanges then to buy the 21st century from Fgi for and added 1 billion after they used the funds from policy holders to buy the company to begin with..What?????

Bristol west same story, Foremost same story…….  Dereliction of duty the FGI is paid to look out for the best interest of the exchanges and they only look out for, FGI or Fig or


I agree with everything this person is saying, plus I think Farmers may make additional commission cuts in the future.  Here are a couple of suggestions that may also help us.  


  1. For agents that are considering leaving Farmers, does UFAA have a tax specialist they can refer. Several of us are unclear if our contract value is taxed as ordinary income or capital gains. 
  2. Has UFAA considered reaching out to the IRS and make them aware of all the practices Farmers is doing.  I wonder if any of them violate the independent contractor guidelines.
  3. Has UFAA considered reaching out to the Federal Trade Commission for failure to provide full disclosure/transparency about the business.  The majority of us were given false information by DM’s about the business and were discouraged from talking to other agents and joining UFAA.  The lack of transparency still continues to this day and families are getting hurt.

I have already cut 1 staff person that should save me close to 30,000 per year.  I have approximately 1400 policies and just on the home side my commission will be cut by 28.5% and that is roughly 51K per year.  So I will still have to make further cuts.  A Bonus is just that, it’s a bonus.  You can’t include a “bonus” as part of your expected monthly income. Farmers will change the game again and feed the greedy corporate hands.

For me I refinanced my office and was able to pay off some bills that will help my cash flow. I am looking at sharing my office with another agent to help ease costs and most likely I will not sign up for the marketing plan that Farmers wants us to be in. I think if all the agents that are on that program did not sign back up for it it may make a big difference to Farmers . We do need to be together on this.

This is such an excellent letter and gets to the reasons why our commissions to stay as they are. Why don’t we send this letter to all news outlets nation wide and put pressure on FIG.

I too am at a loss for what my future will hold with Farmers. I just completed my 15 years, received my token “atta-boy” mounted certificate and chose an item from the large variety of items so fitting to this mile stone.

My agency is extremely small (me)and in a rural-mountainous area and rated AAA by Farmers right up until the adoption of “Fire-Line” that has been prevailing for many years now. My D.O. is dumbfounded how I survive when I can’t write HO or Commercial!  As in the email I received, I will tell you. I survive by the prior years of “World Class Customer Service” by being there as promised when I (their policy) was needed. By participating in the community and bringing awareness to what hazards we face and how best to protect from them.

As most of FGI’s “Growth Programs” are designed to make up for the cuts in agent commissions, Farmers is not accepting the business I can submit from my area which keeps me from qualifying for any of the boasted incentives, awards and bonuses.

I just turned 65, just about the time they announced the commission cuts.  I was hoping to work a few more years.  I have been asking the same things as this fella, do I stay or do I go?  I’m looking more to go and become a producer in an IA Agency.

Maybe do something totally different.  I really don’t know.  You trust a company to treat you and your customers fairly but, it doesn’t look good folks.  Coming up to my 30th year, DM said work hard for 15 years and then sit back take care of your people and everything will be OK, so not true!  The Company is being run by a bunch of fools, over paid fools I might add.  Good luck to us all in this tough time ahead.  UFAA member for some time.

Let’s get a list of the Board Members, their address and phone number too and let’s start calling them.  What will it hurt? 

Taking commission s from existing business that we have work for for years is illegal, what it’s doing is forcing agents out, how else could you explain commission cuts, agent segmentations, forcing agents to single agent offices and then saying to grow you have to hire a producer to market, oh ya, uncompetitive products.

Seems to me that’s a cause for a class action

Farmers is a sinking ship, perhaps they will get it if they lose 80% of their agency force, my wife and I are sick and tired of getting kicked by clients complaining about their ridiculous rates and the company treating us like overpaid McDonald cash register employees (Would you like to Super Size it)? It’s time to go independent, I feel sorry for the Farmers agent in the location we are moving to because they don’t stand a chance in Hell with what I know.