Some of the benefits of Joining UFAA

  • Legal referral and assistance 
  • 25% of your dues come back to your local chapter

A Major Benefit is The UFAA Errors & Omissions Plan sponsored by the United Farmers Agents Association

The Preferred Risk Alternative for Farmers Agency Protection
2015 Enrollment Continues

• See Plan Presentation (Video)
• Summary Coverage Comparison (PDF)
• Download a Quick Quote form (PDF) to fax or go online for the quote
• Read Agent Testimonials
• Read Frequently Asked Questions
• 2015 ARCH Farmers Sponsored E&O Policy (.PDF)

Farmers confirms
• It is up to you where you place your E&O coverage
• Farmers Benefits does not inform Farmers or your DM about your private benefit choices
• It has not and will not affect your insured’s claim handling and will not create a problem for you with Farmers.

For questions on the UFAA E&O plan you may contact:
Kevin Dahlke
619 287 8613 fax 619 287 8921

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